I’m addicted, you’re addicted, we’re all addicted. Half of blogging is social media. Just accept this new aspect of our lives but don’t let it take over your life. These 5 apps I use on a DAILY basis and I would seriously consider them a tool and not a toy–but that’s subjective of course.

spotify logo

1. Spotify

If I’m not studying, I’m listening to music. On the way to the gym, to class, at the gym and during runs, and especially during the creative writing process. It’s time to ditch Pandora and leave it in 2008.  A free version of this app is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and is available for desktop download as well. It’s fantastic for discovering new music. Spotify even goes the distance to create an individualized Discover Weekly Playlist based on your most current tracks played.  A 30-day free trial for its ultimate feature: Premium is available and Spotify tends to do a 3 months for 99-cents deal during the summer. I do have premium, which I share with my mom so we can get more use out of it :)))) Nonetheless, with a student discount, it’s only $4.99/month for unlimited downloads, playlist storage, no ads :), playlist sharing, and offline listening (won’t wrack up your data bill).


canva logo

2. Canva

I use this app for creating cover and feature images for this blog. It’s also fantastic for creating flyers and announcements. It’s free for download in the App Store and I’d recommend this to any starting blogger like myself who despises stock/getty images. I used Canva for the featured imiage on this post so you’d get an idea of their designs.


my fitness pal logo

3. My Fitness Pal

I’m NOT a calorie counter, but I do have a HUGE issue with my sugar consumption, so I use this on the daily to remind myself of everything I’m eating because its sugar and if it doesn’t show in your stomach, it’ll show on your face *cries*. This app is super user friendly for all ages and it allows you to track everything you’ve eaten for meals, snacks, drinks, activity (integrated with the Apple Health (Pedometer) App), exercise, and water.

instagram logo

4. Instagram

I post almost daily on here. I love the location feature that lets you see the view from places half-way across the world. (But nothing can replace travel, of course). It’s fun just to post pictures of cool things you see. But @MarkZuckerberg….your stories feature (as of 8/5/2016-two days after the update) is still not catching on. Maybe next time you’ll offer Snapchat 4 billion, instead of 3. Instagram is often dubbed the app of of comparison, however used wisely, it’s a CRUCIAL advertising/marketing/networking app your small business needs to be utilizing.  Follow me here on Instagram.



Pinterest logo

5.  Pinterest

Somewhere between the eighth grade and sophomore year of high school I hit the 5k pin mark on Pinterest, pinning recipies (like my 14 year old self could actually cook) and dumb DIY canvases. Since then, my activity has gone down on Pinterest as I’ve obviously become busier. Now I mostly pin articles on productivity, college and career tips and the occasional healthy recipe (don’t worry I’ve learned how to cook without burning down the house). I recently passed 6.5 k pins so click here to follow me on Pinterest.



Let me know in the comments down below if you want me to start posting some of my favorite recipes or my go-to kitchen concoctions.





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