I sure botched the spelling of Thanksgiving so bad this year, and no, it wasn’t siri.




Thanks mom for always listening to me, being patient with my stubborn self, and improving my quality of life drastically the past four years.

Thanks friends for putting up with my weird self and keeping in touch whether we live four doors down, across campus, or across the country and picking up right where we left off.


Well, I’m a semi-broke college student, so I don’t exactly have a small loan of a million dollars (lol @ the 2016 presidential race).

$$$, clothing and food …what we most often equate to giving.

However, the most valuable resource I can offeer is time. Giving my time and patience to struggling students who need it more than I do is my giving. If I’ve learned one thing from working with kids its that the outcome truly does not matter to an extent, instead the impact made throughout the progress. Of course in tutoring students in reading, I want to help a kid go from a D to a C or from a level 3 to level 4 reading ability, but mostly, I want to give them courage to read in front of their class during that dreaded popcorn reading and to be able to speak out and ask questions.


We all have something we can give: our time, our talent, or our treasure; what can you give?

Happy Thanksgiving.



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