Do you check your phone everytime you hear that ding go off?

Ar you one to text and drive?

Do you bite your nails?  (Ew, disgusting I know)

Do you drum your fingers on the desk during boring office meetings?

Or how about the pen clicking? We all know a pen clicker.


For each of us, we all have our own pet peeves that affect those around us driving them absolutely batty. No one wants to sit next the pen clicker. No one wants to be around whatever annoys them–makes sense. But these are all little habits that can be fixed with a little Pavlovian practices in rewarding good behavior…not doing the annoying thing, which eventually creates a new, hopefully better habit.

I’m not a nail bitter or a pen clicker fyi–just putting that out there.

Personally, I’m not one to have one of these particular, minute bad habits. I’d say instead that my bad habits are on a larger scale. The instinct, competitive creates we are as human love to make ourselves look better than others and the major method we achieve this ‘high’ is through comparing ourselves to others and determining where others fall short. But that sounds a little cruel, so I’ll just tell you flat out a few of my not so bad habits, but more so major flaws.

  1. Overplanning—EVERYTHING. From blog posts that will be written in eight months, to what homework I’ll be doing that day and when and what workout I need to do, I plan everything. Is it necessary? That’s up to you to decide, but I use this habit to yield majorly productive days.
  2. Infexibility—and not just in yoga class. When my plans (see above) get wrecked, I’m the worst at being flexible and just going with the flow. I hate it, I wish I were more easy going, but that’s just how my mind works. College so far has taught me that nothing will go the way you planned, so it’s definitely been a major blow against my inflexible nature, as it pushes me out of my organized comfort zone.
  3. Close-mindedness—I recognized this about two years ago that there is life outside of my small town and that there are different ways of doing things, different ways of living, and just differences. I challenged myself to go to a larger university to force myself to come into contact with people completely different from me and my background so I can learn from others because I do believe networking creates better solutions as there is ALWAYS a better way to do things, if I just choose not to be so close-minded.

All in all, at this moment in time, I’d consider myself one pretty stuck in my ways, but in a year from now hopefully I can look back on this and mark through these bad habits/major flaws and recognize this change.





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  1. kated1980
    September 8, 2016 / 5:08 pm

    What an amazing lady! You are achieving so many awesome things! I love your blog and the inspiration you are giving! Excellent!

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