Ask me 1o years ago if I would have a lifestyle and wellness blog and my answer would be, “Hahahah no way.” I went to a school that required uniforms so weekends were my only time to wear what I called them ‘real clothes’. So it’s taken me a while to come around to styling outifts–trust me a TON of bad outfits have gone into this journey. But a few years later here I am writing this, after discovering an affinity for creating content for the internet and writing in a rather lax manner. So today I’m going to share the ins and outs of being a non-full-time blogger, but instead, the ins and outs of being a blogger and balancing college.

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Congrats on your acceptance! There’s a wild journey ahead of you so here’s 10 tips on how to survive your Freshman year at UF. I made a video about my 10 tips too.


  1. Buy workout clothes—that’s all you’ll be able to wear from August to November since the daily high is between 85-95 degrees in the fall. ALSO–don’t forget an umbrella everywhere you go during Fall semester. It rains EVERYDAY between 2-4 in the afternoon without fail. Get ready for some wild weather. Last fall we had hurricane days. #itsgreatUF
  2. Buy a good reusable water bottle– you’ll be walking anywhere between two to five miles a day and its sweltering in the summer and fall semesters. There’s  filtered water fountains everywhere for you to fill up your Camelback. There’s no reason to ever have to buy water plus it helps save a few hundred plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills.
  3. Fall semester is TOUGH. There’s a lot going on. If you feel like UF isn’t for you at Christmas time, just stick it out through Spring semester then decide if you want to transfer.
  4. Delve yourself into a frat or srat or club. You’ll find your people that way. Life is about the people and without good people surrounding you, college is MISERABLE–trust me.
  5. Buy Smokin’ Notes or Study Edge for those tedious gen eds and for Intro to Financial Accounting–which you probably won’t have to worry about quite yet.
  6. Good Life or IUF1000 is just as bad as you heard it is. Just got to class and do the assignments–they’re super easy.
  7. Advisers here are terrible so learn how to read a degree audit and make your own schedule. With 50,000 students, I PROMISE you are not your advisers best interest. And if an adviser tells you can’t do something, still try it. Remember that advisers are there to push students in and out of the university in four years. If you decide to change your major and end up graduating a semester or two late, it’s PERFECTLY fine. We’re all on our own paths don’t worry about them too much. Oh, and chances are, you’ll probably cry in advising appointment at least once. It’s fine. We’re fine. Everything’s fine.
  8. You’ll fail a math or science class test at least once. Welcome to the Gator Nation.
  9. Profs love to schedule exams on the same week because most typically have three exams a semester in addition to a final so your classes will stack up and you might end up with four exams in a week.
  10. Going to class is only about 10% of the work. You’ll spend countless hours sitting in front of your laptop. Most syllabi say that it is recommended that you spend 12-15 hours outside of class time on that class per week. For some classes that will be significantly less, but you’ll soon find out which classes require more time.


Good Luck!!!




I know you’re downing coffees left and right. Just make sure you’re doubling your water intake to keep above the threshold of caffeine. Water helps your cells do their thing and helps you focus. Also it helps deter headaches and migraines–the absolute LAST thing you want during this time.


8 hours. Don’t argue with me on this.  Just do it and watch your test scores rise. If there’s one thing I do right in college, it’s get eight hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep helps not only my under-eye darkness at bay, but also keeps my adrenal gland in check so my body isn’t telling me I’m hungry when really I’m just tired. Sleep.


Well you should have gotten one of these in the fall, but make it your Bible this week. Write down how much you’re going to study each day for each subject. Creating a to0do list during your study sessions helps you stay on focus and not just waste six hours of your life staring at your notes in the cold library.


Speaking of libraries–I HATE libraries. I don’t study well there. I need well-lit places that are mostly quiet to focus. The dim lighting and dingy floors aren’t a  creative or constructive environment for me. Instead, I prefer the third floor of the student union with huge windows over looking the campus lawn. Find a space that isn’t miserable and remember that just because your friends ask to study together doesn’t mean you have to. It’s your time to work and you need to be as productive as possible so open your blinds, find a good quiet space, and get going.


Sometimes I’ll set my things out to study and I just don’t want to get started. But those A’s don’t make themselves so here’s a reminder to get off your phone and get working because you’re on your way to becoming a strong and independent woman with her own income.


You got this.