The South is essentially one flat plain of rolling hills and pine trees, but poor farming practices in the 1800s unfortunately-fortunately allowed for the formation of Providence Canyon State Park near Lumpkin, Georgia. This Little Grand Canyon gives the real Grand Canyon almost a run for it’s money. It’s proximity is the real redeeming factor and the state park even boasts a 7 mile loop around the 15+ protected canyons there. The hike has quite a few hills, but it’s easily doable with enough water and snacks packed for the day. I’d definitely recommend start as early as possible in the day because it does get pretty warm in the middle of the afternoon. If you’re looking for a great little day trip away from Atlanta or really anywhere in the South, you need to take a drive down to Providence Canyon State Park.

The girls that responded to a “hey wanna go to a canyon” text


Long story short, my brother graduated this past May so we flew out to C Springs for one last weekend at USAFA.



Coming back to Florida was honestly upsetting–Brian’s off to pilot training and we’re back here in Florida and everyone is growing up and things are changing but change is good I guess. We’ve been to Colorado countless times. We even went this past winter┬áto ski at Copper Mountain but CO in the summer is even more beautiful. It snowed two days before we arrived so there was still plenty of snow on the ground even down at the valley. Our second attempt at hiking Eagles Peak was cut short by more icy snow slush, but I wasn’t complaining–altitude is no joke for a solid cardio session. Can’t wait to be out west again soon.