Ask me 1o years ago if I would have a lifestyle and wellness blog and my answer would be, “Hahahah no way.” I went to a school that required uniforms so weekends were my only time to wear what I called them ‘real clothes’. So it’s taken me a while to come around to styling outifts–trust me a TON of bad outfits have gone into this journey. But a few years later here I am writing this, after discovering an affinity for creating content for the internet and writing in a rather lax manner. So today I’m going to share the ins and outs of being a non-full-time blogger, but instead, the ins and outs of being a blogger and balancing college.




Everyone already knows that consistency is key in growing any social media platform–whether it be an Instagram or a blog. So here, consistency is an applied aspect that I expect of myself throughout this project. In order to attain and maintain that consistency however, I rely on planning. I typically aim for three posts a week during a normal week, but if I’m off on vacation, I’ll try to post new blog posts Monday-Friday. The only way I’m able to hit my deadlines on time is to work on multiple posts on the weekend and then I choose one day during the work/school week to work on the rest of the posts for the week.

When it comes to actual topics to write about, I just have a brain-dumping session into my planner and space the ideas out every two days. If I have two fashion or two lifestyle or two wellness ideas penciled in back to back, I try to stagger them so I get more of a variety in my posts, though still sticking to my main three topics: Fashion, Wellness, and Lifestyle in order to maintain my brand. As the months go on and I have those come to moments in my brain of new blog post,  I’ll add it to my weekly plan so that a certain week may have four posts a week, or scrap a worse idea for the new, much improved idea. This is going to sound absolutely insane, but I do have all my blog topics planned until the end of 2017. Will I follow it exactly? Probably not, but this way I can keep track of what I’ve posted recently and what I have on the schedule in the distant future.


Your pictures are everything. High quality images will get you noticed. If your images on your blog are lowly lit, lowly saturated, have that horrible T1 VSCO filter on them, or are just plain blurry, you won’t gain traction. Humans don’t have that long of attention spans, so that’s why they like to look at pictures–apparently they’re worth a thousand words–a thousand words that readers don’t want to read. Your pictures should tell a story. If you’re shooting an outfit, ensure you get a variety of poses, close up shots, and full body shots, as well as that token movement shot. Don’t just stand still when you’re taking pictures. If you’re wearing a flowy piece, it won’t demonstrate the pieces’ assess–make the piece shine like you see it shine in your wardrobe. Allow the picture to tell your audience why this piece is important or eye-catching. If you’re shooting flat-lays, FOR THE LOVE OF ANYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD get a good backdrop. Be it white bedding,a white wall, wood floors, or tile, create that clean look in the background in order to allow the subject–your fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or recipe be the subject of your photo–don’t take away from your topic.


Posting and content are important, but far too often overlooked is engagement! Commenting on other bloggers posts and Instagrams will create a sense of online community. It draws more traffic to your Instagram and therefore your blog, and it also helps you brainstorm ideas and helps with creating your own twists on posts other bloggers have done. For example, right now, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is going on where almost everything is up to 40% off. So many fashion bloggers are posting about it because Nordstrom is like our Mecca, but by seeing what other bloggers have rounded up on their posts, it helps you navigate sales and flash sales alike.


Full time bloggers have an advantage of these massive networking cocktail parties in DC, NYC, DTX, and Atlanta. But if you’re a full time college student, you’re mostly trapped  at your college campus for eight months a year. It seems like the mommy blogger niche and late 20s niche of bloggers is completely saturated and connected, but the college bloggers sphere is the complete opposite. Caught up in our own lives, studying forty hours a week and working on publishing quality content leaves no time to meet others like us who understand what it’s like to be a blogger in college. So I decided to put an end to those dead end roads and meet sixteen fellow college bloggers. These ladies all attend different universities across the US, but we all have a commonality of being busy, fashion-focused bloggers. Take a minute to check these lovely gals out. They’re seriously the sweetest people I’ve met on the internet (lol that sounded so millennial of me). We set out to create a sense of community among college-aged bloggers in order to help each other create better content, develop new skills, and improve their blogs by doing a #followfriday.

Here’s my favorite college aged bloggers:

Mikayla Kristen Kim from Miami, FL

Kristen Rose

Juliette Elyse from Conneticut

Klassically Kenzie from Colorado

The Swirl Blog from Chapel Hills, NC

Collar to Collar from Waco, TX

Raegan C from Jacksonville, FL

Fashionably Fit Anne from Alabama

Ashley Sykora from Phoenix, AZ

Simply Kaylee Ann from Pittsburgh, PA

Taylor Kay from the University of Georgia

Kristen Shane from Florida State University

Kayla Rivoli from Douglassville, PA

Alexandra Glam from Orlando, FL


Abbey Mellies from Kansas City, MO

Sweetly Sally from Birmingham, AL

Check out these girls and the fruits of their hard work! We’re just college kids, give us a break…

Who’s your favorite all time blogger?



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