Between packing up my room and my entire house the past three months, I’ve become proficient in packing boxes and pitching unwanted junk.

Looking at a messy room can be overwhelming initially, but taking it one step at a time, whether you’re de-junking a shelf, closet, room, storage unit, or house.


Not going to lie, it was pretty hard to part with my favorite tee shirts from the fifth grade but after I accepted the fact I will NEVER be that same age or size again, I said adios to my plethora of gymnastic meet tshirts. But once I removed my emotion from the uneccesary tshirts from 7 years ago, I was able to scale down my wardrobe–a lot easier for moving.



Besides Drake’s famous lyrics that will never live down in my brain and against what the Wiggles taught me on tv when I was three, to pick from the top of a pile, I’m telling you to pick from the bottom. Your massive piles of stuff are comprised of uneccesarry items with the oldest items being on the bottom of the pile near the ground. Since you haven’t been able to see XYZ item sitting amidst your pile of mess, chances are you haven’t been thinking about it either. Afterall, out of sight, out of mind. Our minds LOVE to compartmentalize items with a certain time, but since this XYZ piece is out of sight, your brain is not making the association to the moment, and the memory slowly fades away, physiologically allowing us to come to the conclusion:”I haven’t used/worn/thought about this in months…throw it out.” From here, you can continue you way up the pile towards more ‘recent’ items that allow for more contemplation.

Rule of Thumb: If its not financially or historically related, it can go.



After picking through all those piles, starting from the bottom and working your way, I urge you to make more piles because you’re the one who made those piles in the first place. But these are productive piles; trashbags labeled: Donate, Sell, Keep.


May your “Donate” pile be larger than your “Sell” pile as you realize how fortunate to have so much that you have excess. Besides, minimalism is soooooo trendy.





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