I hope November has treated you well so far, I hope you aren’t driven crazy by the preemptive Christmas displays in the store (#ThanskgivingMatters), and I hope you’ve found something to keep you calm during this fall.

As the holidays approach, time spent with family exponentially increases, and so does most people’s stress levels. So I hope you’ve found a positive outlet to let out some of that stress and anxiety because if you bundle it up, it will eat you alive like it did to me last year.

So this year, while you start your Christmas shopping, you’re traveling to the in-law’s house, or you’re sending out invitations to Thanksgiving dinner,  don’t forget to stop and take care of yourself. Do yoga, go for a run, take a painting class, take a hike, or just drive around in your car alone singing at the top of your lungs (I see people on campus doing this late at night and its the best).  But please, take care of yourself, because it’s only going to get busier from here, with finals approaching on top of the stress of the holidays, we’ve got a big storm coming.

I love listening to music as a way to calm me in my moments of anxious thoughts. I’ve been listening to my November Playlist on repeat because it gets me excited thinking about finally going home for Thanksgiving Break and being able to relax.


The holidays are about spending time with your families and loved ones, but don’t forget to love yourself as well and to remember to spend some time with yourself too.



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