“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

-Apple Commercial Aired during 2016 Olympics

In the century of comparison we’re constantly reminded of what we have in abundance, or lack in deficit. There’s 7.4 billion of us. That leaves us 7.39999999 people for each of us to talk to, compare to, learn from, and talk about, if you so please.

There’s two types of talk: one that raises up others and one that ruins others. How you talk about other people says a lot more about your character than you’d imagine.  Besides, we’re just people. We’ve all got our own issues and we’ve all got our own strengths.

great minds, avg minds__________________________________________________________________

This week I challenge you to use more talk that raises others up rather than ruins. Spend a little less time comparing our lives to others and a little more time enjoying ours because we only get so many trips around the Sun.




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