Pity parties. We’ve all thrown them. They’re fun to have, but not to attend.


That being said, you know what I’m talking about–people who let their lives take them over and let things happen to them, instead of making their life happen. That was me for a solid three years. The transition from childhood to adulthood (or somewhat) is rather strange. You go from constantly being told what to do and having every minute of your day planned for you, get chauffeured around by your mom, and go to soccer practice at the scheduled time. At that point in your life, everything is pretty much dictated and determined for you.

But as time marches on, and you move out and see the world through a different lense than the kit lense you grew up on, you start realizing things; well, atleast I know I have and I’ve come to know a new sense of control. I grew up in a very structured household where every minute of my  life was planned and was always about working and by the time I became somewhat conscious that it was all work and no play, I started realizing things. I began to recognize that you do need a balance between work and play.

When I say control I mean a healthy level of control, not some ridiculously planned form of control that is crippling to any one’s sense of sanity.) Years later I started realizing that I’m in control of my happiness and that it can’t be bought, found, or branded–only uncovered within ourselves. Now that that has gone a little too meta for a Saturday afternoon, it came down to this:

You are in control of everything in your life.

How hard you work

What time you go to sleep

Where you want to be now

Where you want to be in 10 years

How you feel about yourself

How you perceive yourself

How you make your coffee in the morning

What type of job you want

How you choose to spend your free time

How you choose to spend your working time

Whether you are happy

Who, what, when, where, why, how, and whether are all dictated by you.

Life is just a ride where you’re choosing where to turn left or merge right or to swerve to avoid an oncoming negativity. Your lifestyle, your mindset, and your reactions are all a choice, and you are 100% in control of everything.



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